Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ho Ho Ho - Jah Cures

Now back to our original programming.

So, I hear there is a little bit of confusion as to when Jah Cure's new album will finally hit, but I can assure you that it's long awaited (omg, I even heard somewhere that he was in jail cus look at the MySpace: ...badass). In any case, the new album is called THE UNIVERSAL CURE. Hm, way to work that in there, buddy. But I'm pretty excited. At least now there will be new stuff for people to remix. And lordy, what a hansom stud.

See how much more laid-back the Carribeans are? I guess that Malibu Rum commercial (plug - send me a free bottle, y'all...swear I won't use it to clean my bike gears) wasn't all that wrong. Download a free MP3 here.

"I feel an impending psychotic ecliipse"

- Someone Who Knows What's Going on

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