Monday, November 10, 2008

Useless product of the day.

And we're back. This time with another box set of stuff. I understand people get a little nerdy about things but, come on now. The new Indiana Jones: The Soundtracks Collection (note: that's, like, all of them and the fancy color) is out today and it even includes an extra CD with "previously unreleased music from the films." OH SHIT! There's a short round squeek we haven't heard A MILLION TIMES. Hey, I mean, I love Indie as much as the next dude who used to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark over and over until his parents threatened to give him up for adoption (ha, i actually wrote abortion there first) because they couldn't hear it anymore, but in any case, this special edition case is a little bit too much. Plus, also, I dont like soundtracks. Personal, I know. There is one thing though, Soundtracks that are just random assortments of other people's songs piss me off A LOT more. Just for kicks, check out the INDIE Giving:

Editor's special note: This post requires necessary viewing of South Park Episode 1208 (I think).

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