Thursday, November 20, 2008


FIRST TIME Ever Christmas Post. Imagine that - Father Christmas screaming "FIRST" on the Marvelous Observations Blog. Historic. And slightly self indulgent. Not really, I love christmas. Actually, I kinda lied there too. Oh, but Al Jarreau is cool.

Too Bad it's so small - I just popped the CD in and boy do I wish you could see Jarreau's lips on the cover.

From The Press Release:
Al Jarreau has Christmas on his mind. This fall the seven-time Grammy-winning vocalist released his first-ever Christmas album - his first album of newly recorded music since 2006's sensational Givin'It Up with George Benson. AL JARREAU CHRISTMAS includes the singer's distinctive vocal spin on a dozen yuletide classics. This holiday collection is available now from Rhino Records at all physical outlets for a suggested list price of $18.98. The digital release is also available now for $9.99. Al Jarreau will tour the U.S. in December in support of Christmas. The tour will begin in New Haven, CT, on December 6.

EEEEEWWWWW - I mean, seriously. Al Jarreau is cool and all, but come on, man. He's like the Samuel L. Jackson of Music. Ha, I crack myself up.

Feel Free to listen in and make up your own mind.

Quicktime I Windows Media

It kind of sounds like someone took the mall piano guy hostage and made him blow Kenny G's Sax. If you know what I mean. Chills. Good Grief, I FEEL MORE TONE DEAF.

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