Friday, November 14, 2008

Tom Russell Singer Songwriter Extraordinaire and Singlehanded Saviour of the World

Have you heard of this guy? I mean, you might have. His songs were covered by Johnny Cash and Nancy Griffith nonetheless. That ain't nuthin' to shake a stick at, as they say down south, and maybe up north. Since I heard it up north - and have never been below the Mason-Dixon Line for fear of the raccoons for that matter. I hear they're pretty spooky. LOOK:

Ha - totally kidding. That's a total cat. I blame the internet. Huge Pussy. Even the dude is scared. But this isn't about pussies, is it? It's about Mr. Tom Russell. A true soul of the American Way. (I just copyrighted that term, so, stick it Uncle Sam) Next to writing songs for all kinds of famous country musicians, this guy actually taught school during the Biafran War. I know, I know, when I read that I was like, WHAT? Jello started WARS!?!?! But after a consulting my friend the librarian I found out that it was actually the Nigerian Civil war, which, as we all know probably wasn’t fun. So, I’ll just leave it at that. Props, Tom.

And now, for Veteran’s Day – which I totally failed to mention here on this blog, but swear I knew about – Tom released his Anthology. It includes a booklet with his art. I don’t know what it looks like. Maybe Outsider Art? I’ve never come to terms with it. There are other people that do that sort of thing and generally they kind of freak me out. Why do I keep on writing and not just offer up some of his musical gems. Cus I got MP3z, son. Ever heard of it? DOWNLOADABLE, YO. RIGHT HERE AND HERE.

He’s got some important shit to talk about. Spread the good word folks! And just so you know, this is what the CD looks like. So buy it on Amazon.

In fact, this guy kind of looks like the guy with the cat. weird.

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