Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Win Luxury Incarnate and Feel Better About Your Lousy Self

In the spirit of Christmas someone dropped a case at my doorstep this morning. And what I found completely amazed me. Most of it was so aweful I wanted to go back to bed -- but other stuff... some of you may have heard of this guy Boz Scaggs...right right, disco something, Steve Miller, boomers, boring...BUT this guy's new album is actually quite soulful and (I'm a little ashamed to say; I think quite) good. So, I've decided to follow in the generous footsteps and give away Boz Scaggs' "Speak Low" right here on your truly Marvelous Observations.

So how do you win this, you ask? Write me an email about how mustaches have changed the world at wabten (at) gmail (dot) com... think that'll keep them creepy spiders off my back? I damn well hope so...

I've you don't belive me, have a listen here.

And buy it here. And watch here.

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