Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nowhere To Run, Slow Burn Is Coming To Town

Slow Burn, a brand new super group conjured from the ashes of of philly favorites Camel Toe Riders and Virgina Death Metal troupe Darkhorse will play their premier gig at the famed Troc on Friday March 27. So much for epic first sentences. Rocker Dave and cohort Drew have been tooling the scene for a bassist than can match their fury on stage and have found the perfect fit in one who simply refers to himself as Duane. Triple D Assault! Togehter, the trio grinds the axes and burns all bridges, musical and otherwise - get ready to be blown away. They are so underground, I was hard pressed to come by some images, but what else does one need than the aural assault delivered via MySpace.

Yes, yours truly will be there to document this historic event. Hold on to your car stereos and fanny packs.

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