Thursday, March 19, 2009

Scofield "Singing" A Bluesy Gospel?! My Word, Sign Me Up

John Scofield, the jazz guitarist and otherwise musical chameleon is back with his his 36th album and it's bluesy. "Motherless Child" get's the (newer, bluesier) signature Scofield makeover, along with more classics like "Walk With Me" and "Angel Of Death". Essentially I really like the album - say if I were sitting at a bar sipping a bourbon right about now, which I'm not - and that's a shame, but like always, it's Scofield, and one kind of needs to dig his style. At least It'll take Missy Elliot and company another couple of years before they start sampling this because I don't think they have seen the "light", as it were.

For your listening pleasure, I have wrangled one of the songs in the ELECTRONIC FORM.

For you Scofieldheads, which I know there are out there, make sure to buy the record. The gods will shine a light down on you.

Thank you and Good Night.

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