Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Branford Firing On All Pistons

Branford Marsalis, who is, i hear, a wanker, has a new release. Don't hold me to the first part of my last statement cus i heard it through the grapevine. He is also the brother of Wynton Marsalis, who I knew of first. And a little bit of googling brought up that he used to lead Buckshot LeFonque. What? Buckshot is kind of cool. Or was. Like arrested development but cooler. And less gap toothed women. I'm getting to my point: His new album is called Metamorphosen. Sometimes my mind turns off though. lalalalala. listen. LISTEN. shsssshshshshshs. Can you hear it metamorphose???

He's also released Claudio Acuña's "En Este Momento". Metal. Actually, not at all. judging by the stream it sounds ok. uh. I'll wait for the CD to make the complete judgment. She's hot tough. rrrrrrrrrr latin looooovee

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