Monday, March 23, 2009

The Absolute, Definitive, Way Better Than The One You Bought When The Movie Came Out Ray Charles Compilation To End All Other Attempts. Forever.

RAY CHARLES IS THE SOUL VERSION OF TUPAC SHAKUR (go figure that one out, it's like a sequel to the prequel. WTF.) He just keeps on cranking out records. Well, not in the sense that they are new, or something you never heard of before, but this time, maybe, you'll be able to catch that one note where his voice cracks or a cockroach is doing a tap dance on his piano strings, cus THEY REMASTERED IT AGAIN. Someone take away these people's Consoles. I mean, it's even in the name:

Ray Charles Genius: The Ultimate Collection

See? They ran out of witty things to say. So did I, apparently, because hey, it's Ray Charles. He's good. I mean, he was real good. As the title of (yet another) album states: Genius. Do you think he'd be pissed if he was still around? Probably not, maybe he doesn't care - his families better be getting all of this money that I am undoubtedly generating by posting about this. You can send me the Thank You note later, Charles Family.


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