Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let Your Inner Child Roar (in anger)

Usually rodents are totally unwanted. Case in point:

But somehow, these get the full support and they are larger than life at this very moment. I mean, that's not the most difficult thing, seeing as how they are chipmunks (= tiny). They're so cuddlywuddly. And they have a brand new album of cover songs out that make me cringe in their original format. Granted, I am not their target audience but, holy sh*t!! Did someone say something about beating a dead horse? Rather, dead rodents? (They are turning 50 this year) Someone found the fountain of youth and didn't tell me about it? What the hell.

Hey, but we're in a recession. I guess you need to be able to distract your kids from death and destruction with something. What better way than to fill their heads to the brim with stuff that's already dumbed down three generations before them. Proven results. Like on the TV. speaking of TV, check out their new Christmas Video. I have to say, it stuck in my head and but I like the original better. I've even seen some reviews (!!) around the interwebtubes. May I just say, anyone who (seriously) reviewed this deserves swift kick in the nuts and 13 nonstop viewings of the film.

But if you must, buy it here.

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