Thursday, December 18, 2008



So, we here at Marvelous Observations love life. And we think every "being" should have an equal shot at it. Today, however, we were proved wrong. After we were contacted by ROBOT FIENDS about the current robot child prototype flavor of the week, we have come to realize that some "beings" never even got a fair chance. This newest incarnation of the ugly face of capitalism has us all baffled (I think I spawned some more personalities overnight). At the supposed age of 13 (ahem) and outfitted with the (cutely misspelled computer nickname) Scooter Smiff, he (it) has taken the intertubewebz by storm and somehow (probably through malicious computer viruses) managed to get over 2 million views for his video. We have posted the video below, but for god's sake don't watch it. We heard there have been some security issues with Internet Explorer recently. Coincidence? Me thinks not. But back to the original point, this poor "being" is being abused, even by computer standards. Along with co-Robot Chris Brown, it is off and, seemingly, unstoppable. Lord Save Us All. Capitalism: 1, Us: 0

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