Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dreary Days call for Dreary Music

...and who's drearier than Dido? Remember that video? She's standing in the rain or something and some white dude's rapping. Bet you never heard about it. I did though, cus I got my finger on the pulse of the underground. Now I bet you're jealous. So now comes the time when i shae my underground knowlidj and you look up to me and say "god he's awesome" and I whisper back "no". Here goes, get ready for it. Hope you're sitting down.

Dreary McDrear is back with a new album, and just in time, now that fall is here (drear season, get it? i'm drawing literary lines). The album came out November 18th and is called "Safe Trip Home" - like, in time for the holidays, maybe? I don't know. Judge for yourself. Sounds like a long f*cking grey hound bus ride, if you ask me. But what am I telling you if you can figure it out for yourself here.

kinda looks like it has something to with 2001: A Space Odyssey if you ask me...


But all's in good fun. I leave you with this - it should brighten up your day a little. rrrrrrrroooaaarrrrrrrr not so dreary now, huh?!?!

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