Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gospel Ain't Dead

What's with the recent influx of gospel tinged releases? Did I sound like Jerry Seinfeld right there? I'm lacking a closer. Jon Bon Jovi (like, on a level with Bono), Jonny Lang (My Father and I didn't speak for a year cus he played one Johnny Lang album too many times), Queen Latifah (OMG, Diversity!) Joss Stone ---- all these gr8 artists have one thing in common. In an attempt to sell some records, they started mining the one thing that generally sells. Christian Stuff. However, from the bottom of my bitter, bitter heart, I know that Gospel will put a tingle in the spine of the least musically inclined person you know, or even a chair, sometimes. So in light of that, I give my much coveted thumbs up to this project. Cus with out my thumbs...psyche, with out GOSPEL there would be no music like we know it. Enough ranting. Music is where it's at.
Now, despite some of the cheesecakes that are on here, I am looking at you Michael McDonald, it's probably worth a buy, especially at $9. However I am irked that it's only available at WalMart. It's like these people are trying to ruin my good time.


Oh Happy Day

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