Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Because I like that word. Now, down to business. Caligula has been released for the umpteenth time and guess what? It's still a pretty far out clusterfuck. I read things that condemn the movie to all hell, but I, myself, am not quite so dramatic. In fact I think Caligula, who is also Alex from a "Clockwork Orange", is totally metal and therefore awesome. Yeah, there are prehistoric dildos and a lawn mower that doubles as a people mower, but it's still kind of badass. How's that saying go? Something about too many cooks in the kitchen....
So, now you can watch some the grainy movie in super high def with some extras about Peter O'Toole smoking mad joints, and to me that's almost as much fun. I was kinda, uh, bleary eyed myself when i saw the movie and sat in dark for at least 5 minutes after it was done trying to get my ears to turn normal flesh color again. ____: (get it? bottom line) the movie is confusing, effing long, decadent to no end, perhaps a wee bit unrealistic and, i'm willing to bet, entirely offensive to anyone that's had the privelege of being homeschooled. I can let you preview it here, but in my opinion it's best if you check it out for yourself - even as a tutorial on how-not-to-make an epic historical fiction piece with tons of penthouse pets. Quite frankly, how you mess something like this up is beyond me. Buy the Blu-Ray, even if it's only to save space and have one less disk than the 3-set DVD set.

UPDATE: The eyes, man, the eyes - talk about piercing. Although that is neither here nor there.

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