Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WOah - Christmas Came Late SMASHING PUMPKINS RELEASED A DVD......and it's arsty. Surprise.

You, the reader, may have a wide array of feelings concerning The Smashing Pumpkins. Some of you may have lost your virginity to (not in) "1979", others tried to cut themselves to "bullet with butterfly wings" but apprently didn't succeed at the jackpot, as we like to call it, and almost everyone heard of Billy Corgan's recent antics during their tour. I like that he called some dude on stage and asked him what he knew of James Iha. Brilliantly artistic dick move. Ha. I thought it was funny. Look - art:Then again my teenage years weren't spent painting my nails black and fantasizing about skeletor incarnate. Whatever. So, the reason Christmas came late? i didn't get any presents. Except for this one DVD that dropped into my lap. It's called "if all goes wrong" (lower case was my idea, thought it gave it a nice, gothic touch - because did you know that in 1203 the only way people wrote was in lower case? Or maybe it was the other way around) and it chronicles some live performances of an alleged "reunion" of the band and documentary. Let's call it what it is; Billy Corgan playing with some band that isn't zwan. Nothing wrong with that, just saying. In fact, I think as a whole, the DVD is really good. It shows the creative process and some not so bright sides but leaves you a little more enlightened than you were before you smaked this pancake in the DVD oven. The concert footage is also nothing to shake a stick out, which I seem to do so often, but if you expect the hits you are didn't do your Billy Corgan research. Needless to say, I enjyed the DVD. Makes the whole thing worth the effort. Awesome. Now that's over with and I am crawling back into my cave. Look, more pictures:

And because I like this screwy front man - a clip, pour vous, the awesome audience:

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