Monday, February 2, 2009

Kick back, relax and shoot yourself in the foot.

This may seem a little cliche, but there are two things that drive me up the wall. One of them is definitely smooth jazz in all it's incarnations. Call it urban, contemporary jazz, some form of R&B...whatever. Gives me the heebie jeebies - all is see is fake jewlery and vinyl dresses. eeeuuuccchhh. Over-produced, cheesy, SAXOPHONES, dentist chairs, drilling, you see where this is going. Unfortunately this genre refuses to go the way of cherry curls and so here I present you with a, not quite so hairraising, sample of one of the genres proponents:Give it a listen on MySpace and tell me you don't at least hear a hint of things that makes you wish Stalin got his hands on Kenny G or something. But you know, we keep an open mind around these parts, and whatever floats your boat, but stay away from my children and I. Or my future children, anyway. I will make sure that if they go to the dentist there will be no muzak and they will keep it real. But should you be absolutely hell bent on adding another useless record to your collection, be it for sake of the industry as whole, which would be quite commendable, frankly, please go ahead and purchase it here.


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