Tuesday, October 7, 2008

MORE Country. In Fact - 20 Hits of It!

Ha - get it? Like, Meth.

Oh lord, now they done it. The NOW franchise FINALLY came out with a country collection. How many of you have been waiting for this since the first NOW compilation came out some time in the stone ages? (I bet it had that "Macarena" song on it. Good lord i hated that song.) So, luckily, NOW they're back, pun totally intended. The CD includes "hits" from Carrie Underwood, holler, and Keith Sweat, I mean, Urban and middle America loves it. All I know is that I heard something about cold beer and god being a great fit. In reality, that is all I ever need to hear...I'll pull a Palin and get back to you about the details. In the meantime, go out and buy the record and then you can go download 5 more songs some where. SPECIAL SECRET CODE. psssssst! And look, this Carrie is hot too.

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