Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Psyche!! - No Colors hereSwinging, Sexy (Mustochiod) Surfer Dude is up to some new shenanigans. Donavon Frankenreiter just released his third album - second for Lost Highway, which is a plus, in my opinion - "Pass It Along" and it's, to no one's surprise, really, exactly what you would expect; swinging, sexy, relaxed and chill, reminiscent of some beach you were at once for a hot minute thinking to yourself, shit - I wish I would live here. Phew. I was gonna go on, but my grammar skills need to be honed a little still. In any case, if you’re about to crack open that tequila sunrise in a bottle wishing you were in California instead of steadily cooling NY then you can’t make a better choice than Mr. Frankenreiter’s new offering. On the other hand – if you’re looking for some real, insightful sh*t, then…yo, you know you get the best insights when you’re chilling and don’t have a paper and a pad on you – chose Frankenreiter.

Have a listen, why don't you? It just may make you want to visit a hilton. By the way - as a surfer/bum (like someone i know) I would be outraged at the fact that they used Donavon's music for a hilton commercial. Damn it. That wouldn't be very chill though, bro, so, I'll leave it at that. Steaming on the inside. slowly.

To vent some steam - here is an added bonus:

HA - He's a dirt hippy too, and look what happened to him. And also, thanks to someone else for finding a (more awesome and shorter) video. PEACE.

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