Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hip Hop Hurray - $10 Million Worth

Hey - so, I promised some color, here we go:

$tack$ (note: $ = s) just released "CraZee And ConfuZed" and guess what? It features a vertiable who's who of todays hip hop top 40. CHECK THIS SHIZ OUT, SON!!

Li’l Wayne BLAM!!

Fat Joe BLAM BLAM!!!

Twista - psh

AND f*cking Swizz Beatz

I like Swizz Beatz -

Buy this shit and help stacks get some of his $10 million back...

Seriously? I try, I try to understand - but maybe some one should pay an accountant to sit down with my man stacks and discuss his spending habbits. NO BLING FOR YOU!!

Sample his melodyz (HA - INSIDE JOKE) HERE and lord knows support our youth!

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