Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcome: Head of the Department of Utility

That would be me - I have appointed myself as such. My new tasks will include but are not limited to judging if what you do, wear, say, produce and/or like is useful.

As in psychology, self analysis is out of the question, therefore I exclude myself, my staff and anything related to us from scrutiny.


  • Logo for the Dept. of Utility
  • Ties
  • Telling people who you don't work with that you're leaving your job with out being prompted to tell them
  • Watching 'Mad Men' at work, even if you're into feminism and especially if you're into Jesus
  • Complaining about shitty coworkers without getting a new job
  • Two (2) hour coffee breaks
  • Twitter
  • Discussing your new job with coworkers at your old job
  • Complaining about the cold temperature one day and then requesting a fan the next
  • AFTERSHAVE - hasn't everyone learned to calm it down a little in the work place?
  • Making people move desks every couple of months


  • Money, especially if it's free
  • Vacations
  • The internet, sometimes
  • (this, too)

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