Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Candy Leads to...Wintuk?!

...hey, at least I didn't say CAVITIES, AMIRIGHTGUYS??!

So I got an email from the friendly folks at MSG with a video of some Kids' xmas confessionals. Were they naughty, were they nice? Are you watching, Santa? I coudln't, cus I wasn't able to take the full brunt of cuteness the vid delivers. In every bag, there's a bad apple though, and this bag did not disappoint: One child felt the need to throw her sister under the bus in an attmept to curry favor. I thought family are supposed to STICK TOGETHER. Not very XMAS-y. Other than that, it's all glitter and rainbows.

Without further ado, I present you with a video that'll thaw your scrooge-heart. And some thing having to do with Wintuk. Wintuk = Cirque Du Soleil = Xmaspresent. I just solved your problem. Enjoy!


(thanks for not embedding, video)

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