Monday, October 26, 2009

Macca Is A Racial Slur

At least I thought so a little while ago. Then I realized it was actually what people call Sir Paul McCartney (of The Beatles fame). Which has nothing to do with racism. (There is a bird called macaw and back in the day a politician called a poor Laotian boy a macaw - this went public, etcetc, you can imagine the rest AND my confusion end) but the point here is that Sir Paul McCartney will release a new album, and THEN he'll go on tour. Only in Europe though - he'll be playing 7 shows from Dec 2 to Dec 22nd.

Tour Dates:

2 December - Hamburg Color Line Arena

3 December - Berlin O2 World

9 December - Arnhem Gelredome

10 December - Paris Bercy

16 December - Cologne Koln Arena

20 December - Dublin O2

22 December - London O2 Arena

But before that, he's releasing a CD/DVD of the two shows he did at Citi Field in July 09 and boy won't that be fun. Here's what it'll look like and where you can buy it.

Buy IT and weep like the little fanboy/girl you are

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