Wednesday, November 18, 2009

AFI Fest Is Over

Let's play a game. How many things can I come up with that mean one thing to one part of the public and something completely different to me?

Well, here's one. AFI. When I first got the news "AFI Fest in full swing" or something to that effect, I was like "what?"The dude with too much eye shadow now has a fest?

I was dead wrong. It's the American Film Institute has a film festival. Why the hell wouldn't they? They rock. And are famous. Else they wouldn't call themselves AMERICAN etcetc. All red blooded USofAmericans - this one's for you. BUT I did receive an interesting clip of Tom Ford (what, the designer, you say?) talking about his first movie. And I thought, oh my: this is shareable. Did you know making a movie is kind of like designing fashion? Well, here's your proof.

I really have to abstain from making a judgment call. The last time I touched a needle was to put it through my ear. Needless to say I pussied out, but I'm just saying, that's the last time I touched a needle. I've never made a movie. So I have to take Tom's word for it.
Hell Yeah, AFI Fest - I wish I knew ye!

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