Thursday, July 23, 2009

"remix jam session mixtape" - yeah, I'm sure

You like good music? I like good music some. So does Melanie Fiona, apparently. And....Indians? You like Indians, Fiona? Shoot your costume director. But one thing they can't take from you, is that you can sing. For sure. If people from Philly think so, then there's not much reason to dispute it.

So you got ?uestlove to do a "remix jam session mixtape" of your album, The Bridge? That's pretty awesome too. Apparently he can play the drums and it sounds like a drum machine. In fact, he took a picture over my shoulder once, and let me tell you, I almost melted. But back to the point. Music. For those of you who are into soul, download the "remix jam session mixtape":

Cus it's FREE! And I don't mind free.

Props to ?uestlove for putting out free music, OKAY PLAYER! You're cool. And as a taste maker, well, he's (mostly) on the money. But Fiona, as a soul connoisseur it is absolutely imperative that you have a record player. Srsly! Ladies and Gentlemen, if you don't believe me, look for yourself. It's a video. You're cute, Melanie. Tata!

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