Wednesday, July 22, 2009

90's Throwbacks Are the New Black

The Marvelous Observers trend spotters have come across a curious phenomenon: 90's throwbacks!

Bbbut, it was only 10 years ago, you say? We know. But Rob Thomas thinks it may be worth something.

HA, are you serious? the Goo Goo Dolls called, they want their bracelets back. Rob Thomas, go home! It wasn't good when it first came out and it's not good now. And just cus it's "captured in High-Definition with 5.1 Surround Sound" doesn't make it worth my money.

With back up singers and a real keyboard you give the impression of having put some serious thought into how to squeeze every last dime out of your past fame. Unfortunately WE ARE ON TO YOU! Nothing escapes these eagle eyes.

The Internet is omniscient though, so we shall give it the option to judge for itself - samples to follow:

Gah! I cannot voice my disinterest loudly enough. But 'tis the beauty of the intertubes; if one frustrated hipster screams in a forest (aka the internet) of frustrated hipsters - can any one hear? YES! YOU'RE READING THIS, AREN'T YOU!


Charlie said...

Hey. The 90s called again. They want their "the ____ called and they want their ____ back reference" back!

Charlie said...

Oh, one other thing: The early to mid -'00s called. They want their "____ are the new ____" references back.

Just sayin'