Wednesday, May 13, 2009

OMGLOLROFL - the day has been saved by Jessica Harp

Where would the music industry be with out good looking people? Man, it's like, I can't even tell you. Mars, maybe - or gone the way of the gremlin. Oops, I didn't just jinx it, did I? One thing's for sure, although this is news to absolutely no one, if you look the part, your talents play a secondary role in your success. Point in case; today's culprit: A miss Jessica Harp, apparently most famous for being half of The Wreckers. Ooooh, that sounds malicious. Now, shall we go on with this dog chasing its own tail debate? Please, if you would indulge me, I present to you Exibit A. Apparently a different hair color every two days is clutch. Phew, good thing that's over with and I have no further exhibits, your honor, except the final product. Good Grief!!! Tattoos? Does mom know about this? How about the local parish? psssh. Puhleeze. I'm saturated. I'm not really a fan of Hank Williams III but he has at least one memorable quote: "Pop Country Reaaaaaaaallllllllyyyyyyyy Sucks!" Long live the Williamses. It's always easier to judge than to create, love you Jessica xoxo.


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