Monday, February 9, 2009

Songstress Looks Younger Than She Sounds

By the sound of things I would have guessed this singer's age to be about 45, at least. Alas, I was wrong. She merely sings for 45 year olds. Naturally, this does not detract from her considerable talent. And I mean that purely on a scale from one to ten. Like, looks, get it? I dare you to a comment and tell me I make too many "jokes" that are only funny to me. See for yourself.
She goes by the moniker "Jane Monheit" and makes jazzy music. And if you look at who claims credit for this oeuvre it is a veritable who's who of jazz heavy weights:

(from the press release)
Accompanying Monheit on “The Lovers, The Dreamers And Me” are long-time Monheit band-members Michael Kanan (piano and Fender Rhodes), Rick Montalbano on drums, and Neal Miner on bass, who were joined on the CD by musicians Peter Bernstein (guitar), Stefon Harris (vibes), Seamus Blake (saxophone), Frank Vignola (guitar), Gil Goldstein (piano, accordion), Romero Lubambo (guitar), Antonio Sanchez (drums), Scott Colley (bass) and Bashiri Johnson on percussion.

I might develop an eyebrow fetish - I have some pretty strong ones myself (In fact, it is said that they saved my one eye once - long, other story). In conclusion, I present you with Jane Monheit's CD available here. For your listening pleasure please visit her official site at and check out the "goods"; those 35 sec clips. I mean. Duh. Get going already and stop staring.


Chopstick said...

This is totally the latest Legs feature.

wabten said...

if I could spell correctly it would be.