Monday, September 28, 2009

$2,300 for a Signature Guitar? Puhleeze

George Benson came out with a new album. His name sounds familiar, doesn't it? Yeah, that's what I thought, so off to google I go. Guess what, we have George Benson to thank for hits like "On Broadway" and "Breezin' ". Hell yeah, motherf*ckers.

The reason for my sudden urge to dig up the creator of these musical diamonds? This genius released a new album. So, naturally we here at the Marvelous Observations are bound to cover it. Kind of like Roman Polanski - but not really at all. Except maybe if someone could dig up some dirt on this "10 x Grammy-winning" singer/songwriter. OMG 10 times? sheesh.

Point is, "Songs And Stories" is in stores now. The first single "Family Reunion" can be sampled here.

He looks like he would sell a $2,300 guitar - I bet he has some other shit that would totally blow your mind. Like in-pool cuff links made of titanium for his chinchilla bath robe which under no circumstances should be near water (unless you can afford buying a new one every time that happens - which of course this guy totally can - 10 grammys. duh!)

In my opinion, anyone who is interested in this has the money to buy it: THERE

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