Monday, June 22, 2009

RA RA RA Ray Charles is here to school you, again!

People, you know how today's music sucks? etc etc. Well, thank god there are reissues so we can spend our hard earned dollars on stuff that looks new, but isn't really. Enter Concord Records and their ambitious exploitation reissue program of the Ray Charles catalog. An old favorite hit stores at the beginning of the month and is raising eyebrows (again). I wish the world would be a simpler place, instead of revolting Iranians (as in, the verb) and Craigslist Killers, they only had soda fountains and comic books to keep themselves occupied back then. And this album, of course. And boy did it start something. I heard it contributed to the civil rights struggle and made black people listen to garth brooks. Ha, just kidding about that last one. So, I offer for your discerning eyes the OLD cover art (cus it's awesome) and a place where you can spend what you would have otherwise supidly totally straight up sunk into the soda fountain with no benefit at all. So, there:

Old School!

buy the reissue here

Oh, and a shout out to my ol' buddies parents for taking me to a soda fountain this weekend for the first time and hence giving me something to write about. Bless!

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