Friday, December 18, 2009

New TV Post

I try to keep things interesting around here - and frankly, nothing is more interesting than boobs. One of the channels I watch during the holiday season - Spike TV - has something else than James Bond on right now. Manswers and 1,000 Ways To Die. I'm not sure if I'm a huge fan of it, but just like M-Obs (new name), they keep it interesting. Plus, and awesome points for this guys, the stuff is not just on the tube it's on the TUBES as well. Which is cool. Cus when it's between spending money on PB&J and TV, I almost invariably choose PB&J - Let's face it, life with out a computer is damn near impossible. So, there.

Wait, I smell a MANstion in there somewhere, looking for a MANswer:
Can you eat your TV if worst comes to worst?

Watch to your hearts content:

Bonus: 1,000 Ways To Die. Sounds Creepy to me. I'm a little squeamish and spend most of my times watching horror movies trying not to flinch (omg don't tell anyone) so I'll abstain. Thanks.

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You suck dick, right?