Friday, September 26, 2008

So I don't usually do this...

...but this one just holds a special spot in my heart. I found an old VCR tape (!) back in the day once, and as I plopped it in, this cop show came on. I figured it was older than me, cus, you know, people looked orange and stuff. Maybe that was also the VCR - good thing we have Blu-Ray these days. In any case, i was totally watching Adam 12. And I only realized this just now. so here goes, for the sake of my childhood memories - go out and support those that inspired me to be a detective when I grow up.

I mean, just LOOK at those bad motherf*ckers. I even found the trailer. GAH - why can't TV be this awesome all the time.

Adam-12 Season Two Trailer -

Adam-12 Season Two Trailer from Anna Withers on Vimeo.

YES! Bad guys beware - Ninja Cat - SUCK IT!!

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