Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Are you A Merry Can or A Sad Can????

Why don't we ask Daniel Lowery- American Extraordinaire

“I’m An American” Listen
“I’m An American” Look

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Patriotism in song usually emanates from country & western singers. Patriotism, pride and passion are felt, but seldom verbalized, by African-Americans. “I’m An American,” an emotive and timely new ode to American troops, touchingly delivered by established Las Vegas crooner Daniel Lowery, who is African-American, was released nationwide on May 5th.

The song, written by Lowery, Miami producer/songwriter Hal S. Batt and Nashville songwriter Jennifer Constantine, is an uplifting tribute to American troops and a reminder to the American people of the precious freedoms that we sometimes take for granted. “I want this song to be an anthem,” says Lowery. “I want to send the message that we need to come together as a country and be as one and change the way things are going on here.”

Producer Batt, who has worked with an array of superstars, including Julio Iglesias, Shakira, Sandi Patty, Jean Carne, and Regina Belle, agrees. “The reason for this song is to give people hope. It’s because they’re doing their job that I’m able to do my job here. I feel indebted to do a song that’s going to make them smile.”

A poignant, touching video accompanies the release of the single. “I'm An American,” the first single from Lowery's upcoming self-titled Timbo/Jam Records CD, is available at, itunes and

Lowery is an established Las Vegas singer, having shared the stage with everyone from Bill Cosby to Gladys Knight. Originally performing under the moniker of Jamariah (Swahili for “dream chaser”), he built up a substantial following. One of the few African-American singers with his own Vegas act, he has performed at the Monte Carlo Hotel for nearly four years.
“I'm An American” is the right song for these days and times, lending a human aspect to the current status for thousands of our courageous military men and women. Those honorable troops are our family members and this song gives a voice to them. Now more than ever, Americans are strong and looking toward a brighter tomorrow for everyone.
Daniel Lowery's heartfelt “I'm An American” beautifully demonstrates that a Black man in America can have an anthem too!

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